Apr 13, 2014


Lotte  Sentimental
Miss Pickering "I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck" Emma Goldman

Apr 6, 2014


Lotte Tourism
Miss Pickering Uploading wedding photographs, prettier than hospital visiting

Apr 1, 2014


Miss Pickering  An 11th century charter decrees that the mid-lent fair can come to Stamford, and take over all the streets. It always arrives mid-lent which is Mothering Sunday, making our delivery schedule a pain in the arse.
Lotte  The local butcher's neon sign. Out of commission.

Mar 23, 2014


Miss Pickering  Stems
Lotte  Birds

Mar 16, 2014


Miss Pickering  Glow sticks, bought for The Child's party on Wednesday, couldn't resist.
Lotte  art moderne

Mar 9, 2014


Miss Pickering  My house, where leftover wedding samples come to die.
Lotte  Utterly unappealing.

Mar 2, 2014


Miss Pickering  Dried grasses at the edge of the flooded stream
Lotte  Rope